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Graphic Designer Change Story

I work for a global firm as a contractor. When the company announced a restructuring, our team got pretty nervous. We had no idea how we would be affected. Graphic designers are, after all, a cost center. For me, it was even more complicated since I’m not a full time employee. I was sure I would be shown the door first. I spoke to my manager, but she was in the dark herself, and her uncertainty really affected the rest of the department.


We worked in this ambiguous state for more than 4 months until we got more information. In the end, our team was not down-sized due to the restructuring. But we lost 3 of our most talented people, including our manager, during this period of being in limbo. I understand that at my level, I wouldn't have all my questions answered. However, I got the distinct impression that very senior leaders were also in the dark. This really contributed to the feeling of helplessness.

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