Hit your change goals while creating internal change capability

In change, as in life,

"You don't get a second chance to make a first impression"

Due Diligence & Solutions 

Ensure your investment has the best chance of success. 

The things that really count, 

cannot always be easily counted.

People & Change

  Activate individuals', teams' & leaders' adaptive capabilities.

The best friends of innovation are

inspiration, resilience and iteration.



Align structure, processes & policies to create & sustain improvement

To have "ownership" of anything,

we need both mastery and agency over it.

Change & Transformation Consulting

MAP - Roadmap Risks and Resources

  • Roadmap that aligns everyone around purpose, expectations, outcomes and total investment of time and resources. Provides scoping discipline and a sets up for program management & governance.

MOBILIZE - Goals and Roles

  • Tools to enable key stakeholders to grasp and execute the change and its impact on the entire system. Builds change discipline around people and processes.

ACTIVATE - Change, Comms, Capability & Culture

  • Most powerful enabler of leaders, teams and individuals to  execute the change and assess impact and shift the culture.

Organizational Diagnostics & Solutions (OrgRx)

  • Organizational & Operational Readiness Benchmarks

  • Leadership & Engagement effectiveness

  • Impact Maps and Heat Maps

  • Scaling strategies & roadmaps

  • Operational and process discipline (repeatable vs. ad-hoc)

  • Tailored diagnostics and solutions

Culture and Capability Strategies, Workshops & Coaching

Individual  Development

  • Second Nature Workshops  provides a range of workshops for individuals and teams that build new habits and skills, self-awareness, power to overcome reflexive behavior, emotional and mental agility, interpersonal impact and stamina to navigate complexity and change

Leadership Change Capability

  • Interventions designed for leaders at every level to actively engage front-line staff, building strong hands-on change leadership capability.

  • One-on-one Coaching

Team Interventions

  • Change initiative design and kick-off workshops

  • Work-unit Impact Meetings

  • Roles and RACI development

  • Team Coaching and facilitation

Organizational Culture Shifts: Diversity & Inclusion; Change Capability, Innovation, Agility

  • Strategy & Roadmap: short-term through long-term

  • Leadership and Governance from Current to Transition to Future state

  • Activation and Mobilization of local change networks: skills, roles, training, reinforcement, coaching

  • Organizational infrastructure

  • Communication - Capability - Culture change

Operational Discipline & Facilitation

  • Customized Workshops / Manager-led/ In person facilitation / Turn-key workshops.

  • Solution-sessions focusing on design & improvement of processes, organizational structures & roles, and policies.

  • Current & future-state mapping

  • Change impact & readiness 

  • Feedback-loop, assessment & metrics development


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