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Hit your change goals while creating internal change capability

  • Working with clients on large-scale change initiatives from strategy through execution.


  • We bring decades of experience planning and executing complex and sensitive programs that impact people across the organization and around the world. 


  • Our objective is to provide both the intelligence and discipline to bring the organization successfully through the change while building internal talent, capability and discipline to sustain and respond to future changes. 

In change, as in life,

"You don't get a second chance to make a first impression"

Whether you are scaling a start-up or transforming an established company, your effort & your investment deserves the best chance of success.


Organizational and people factors are often overlooked during due-diligence and fast paced-growth. These are sometimes difficult to measure, but they are the most valuable leading indicators of success. They are also the most powerful levers to accelerate and ensure strategy execution and reduce failure rates. 

Through OrgRx, we offer a range of diagnostics & valuable, "do-able" shifts & solutions developed from extensive experience working with human and systemic complexity across multiple industries.

Due Diligence & Solutions 

Ensure your investment has the best chance of success. 

The things that really count, 

cannot always be easily counted.

People & Change
  • Culture shifts that are required to increase innovation, diversity and inclusion, agility among others, do not happen organically. They require intent and planning to activate and lead consistent change across all levels.

  • SECOND NATURE WORKSHOPS utilizes contextual situations to create powerful, experiential learning. This is the most expedient and effective way to create individual and collective capabilities, and to build change expertise to sustain the change and push beyond. 

  Activate individuals', teams' & leaders' adaptive capabilities.

The best friends of innovation are

inspiration, resilience and iteration.


  • We focus on the "whole system" and the alignment between technology, processes, policies and people, to accelerate operational change as companies scale, deliver improved products and services and execute major organizational shifts.

  • This work represents the "engine" of all change efforts and we operate as guides and facilitators with an eye to equip the client with mastery and, more importantly, "ownership" of this work in order to plan and drive continuous improvement.

Align structure, processes & policies to create & sustain improvement

To have "ownership" of anything,

we need both mastery and agency over it.

Change & Transformation Consulting

MAP - Roadmap Risks and Resources

  • Roadmap that aligns everyone around purpose, expectations, outcomes and total investment of time and resources. Provides scoping discipline and a sets up for program management & governance.

MOBILIZE - Goals and Roles

  • Tools to enable key stakeholders to grasp and execute the change and its impact on the entire system. Builds change discipline around people and processes.

ACTIVATE - Change, Comms, Capability & Culture

  • Most powerful enabler of leaders, teams and individuals to  execute the change and assess impact and shift the culture.

Organizational Diagnostics & Solutions (OrgRx)

  • Organizational & Operational Readiness Benchmarks

  • Leadership & Engagement effectiveness

  • Impact Maps and Heat Maps

  • Scaling strategies & roadmaps

  • Operational and process discipline (repeatable vs. ad-hoc)

  • Tailored diagnostics and solutions

Culture and Capability Strategies, Workshops & Coaching

Individual  Development

  • Second Nature Workshops  provides a range of workshops for individuals and teams that build new habits and skills, self-awareness, power to overcome reflexive behavior, emotional and mental agility, interpersonal impact and stamina to navigate complexity and change

Leadership Change Capability

  • Interventions designed for leaders at every level to actively engage front-line staff, building strong hands-on change leadership capability.

  • One-on-one Coaching

Team Interventions

  • Change initiative design and kick-off workshops

  • Work-unit Impact Meetings

  • Roles and RACI development

  • Team Coaching and facilitation

Organizational Culture Shifts: Diversity & Inclusion; Change Capability, Innovation, Agility

  • Strategy & Roadmap: short-term through long-term

  • Leadership and Governance from Current to Transition to Future state

  • Activation and Mobilization of local change networks: skills, roles, training, reinforcement, coaching

  • Organizational infrastructure

  • Communication - Capability - Culture change

Operational Discipline & Facilitation

  • Customized Workshops / Manager-led/ In person facilitation / Turn-key workshops.

  • Solution-sessions focusing on design & improvement of processes, organizational structures & roles, and policies.

  • Current & future-state mapping

  • Change impact & readiness 

  • Feedback-loop, assessment & metrics development

Change and Transformation
Continuous Improvement
Organizational Diagnostics
Culture & Capability
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