Organizational Due Diligence for Sustainable Growth

Organizational Fundamentals


People Practices

Operational Maturity

Team Discipline

Whether you're scaling a venture or an established company seeking an edge, you need a solid foundation when it comes to People and the Organization


Growth and change are stress tests, which expose and exacerbate cracks in your foundation. Org Rx is a Due Diligence process that identifies weaknesses and "asymmetries," which are likely to impede your goals, both short and longer term.  

Because companies are infinitely varied, complex and experience ongoing change internally and in the markets they serve, there is no single formula that can ensure a perfect Organization. We focus on 4 categories or "lenses," which illuminate both strengths and gaps, depending on the company's stage, goals and many other factors. 

Our diagnostic process and solutions bolster your internal understanding and strengthen your organizational foundation so it can support your growth strategy and insure your goals. 


The "lenses" we use most frequently include: Culture, People Practices, Operational Maturity and Team Discipline.  Each one comprises multiple factors, which vary depending on their relevance to the company's stage and goals. 



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