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Methodology for  

Sustainable Change


Our Enterprise Change methodology creates a change ethic, that becomes a core capability & integral part of the culture.



All organizations, from early stage firms to global conglomerates, are united by their need to navigate an increasingly volatile, competitive environment. Response time (or agility) becomes the key differentiator and competitive advantage. 

Acquiring the "discipline" of mapping change onto the current operations results in clarity on goals, benefits and a "roadmap" for a coordinated and informed implementation.


Emotional resistance to change is only half the story. Most change fails because organizations are not ready operationally to support the new ways of working; and many don't pay attention to the 

Operational Levers: systems, processes & structures that must support the desired change. Understanding change holistically: all the 

interconnections necessary to mobilize & respond quickly must be a core competency.  


History, ingrained mindsets, power dynamics, uncertainty & fear are just some of the invisible impediments to innovation & agility. To create 

individual change capability and a broader culture of agility, we must target & engage 

every organizational level with awareness

knowledge and experience. Each change initiative is an opportunity to hardwire change leadership, discipline & practices into the organization until agility becomes a core competence.


All organizations, are human systems. All must 

evolve to stay relevant,  and nearly all over-estimate their ability to do so. This is especially true of early ventures. It is vital that, as we plan and implement growth and transformational strategies, we also assess our strengths and weaknesses in leadership, culture, change capability & supporting policies & mechanisms that enhance to or inhibit our performance. The diagnostic or assessment processes work best when they are designed in context of a company's environment & culture and are introduced early.

"...every change initiative is an opportunity to hardwire change leadership, discipline & practices into the organization until agility becomes a core capability."


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