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Before transforming others, authentic leaders start with "self,"

self-awareness, self-control, self-direction 

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Building Transformational Leadership.

Our Signature Workshop Series builds authentic, transformational leadership capability for individuals and teams.

The experiential approach creates power to move past reflexive behavior, builds emotional intelligence, mental agility, interpersonal impact and stamina to navigate complexity and change. 

See our "3-Act" Curriculum below!

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Target & Grow New Change Muscles

What do you want to make Second Nature?

  • Conflict for Creativity

  • Creating a Coaching Habit

  • Feedback vs. Criticism

  • Evolving the Ego

  • Taming your Triggers

We use 5-step exercises that are fun, targeted, interactive and leave teams with powerful habits and a common language. 

We don't do "best practices," We Practice!

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Activating Change "Work Out."

Target, Plan and Operationalize Change.


We design, develop and facilitate custom workshops that meet you where you are and get you to your goal.


Your teams will be engaged in a structured, solution-focused, and informed process to target, plan and operationalize change.

Work Out: 2 Hours to 2 Days and Beyond! 

Signature Workshop Series

From Nature to Second Nature, in Three "Acts"  

Based on multi-disciplinary insights and practices, including psychology, neuroscience & management sciences,

Second Nature Workshops can be customized to target specific areas of need by combining topics across

ReAct, Act and InterAct modules. 

reAct Curriculum 

Self Awareness

Act Curriculum

Personal Power

interAct Curriculum

Interpersonal Impact 

Workshop Home


Topics in this module focus on our wiring,  self-awareness and recognizing reflexive behavior and blind spots in ourselves and others. Insights and strategies come from psychology, sociology and applied neuroscience.  Development objectives include,  recognizing and avoiding triggers when dealing with others and moving to responding and acting with intention.

Welcome to your brain: involuntary triggers

Our social wiring: what makes people tick? 
Blind spots and biases
Psychology of change: mental shifts and nudges
Breaking vicious cycles and more
Act 1


Topics in this module focus on emotional and cognitive agility and resilience; complexity in decisions,  critical thinking, design thinking and an entrepreneurial mindset. Insight and tools come from study and implementation of behavioral, change, organizational and decision science.  Experiential practice incorporating participants' use cases and situations.

Balance and resilience as power

Your conflict style: chose your response
Navigating change - master course

Design thinking & entrepreneurial mindset 

Decision models and more

Act 2
Act 3


Topics in this module, focus on interpersonal intelligence, communication art and science and leadership. Lessons and practices derive from social, organizational and management sciences as well as latest research and successful leadership coaching models. We will incorporate participants' own needs, experience and use cases.

Know your impact and reading others

Communication, influence and persuasion
Your leadership type  - mapping the journey

Leading change - masters course 

Leading without authority and more

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