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SVP, Global Talent Change Story

I head up a 160 person global HR team. We have been going through a particularly difficult transition to a cloud-based HCM system. Our challenges are in three areas:


Human - we were told to expect organizational and head-count changes, but it was impossible to determine the true impact until we were operating in the new environment “for a while.” This makes people nervous and defensive. Not an ideal environment for cooperation.


Readiness - we were not well prepared for the transition. If we knew in advance what was required of us, and how much work it was, we would have planned our resources and data much better. As it stands, we feel like we are mostly reacting and have no control over the quality or what the future state will look like.


Leadership - Finally, it is not clear who is in charge of this new world we’re entering. We are heavily dependent on technology consultants who do not have real insight into our operations and needs. I don’t believe there is adequate understanding inside our company about how we are going to operate in the future. Even I don’t have the full picture. What can I expect of my people?


I know that this went through multiple planning stages. However, what we really needed was an operational roadmap and dedicated resources to see us through this transformation.

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