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Young Woman with Grey Sweater

Director, IT Change Story

I have just taken over a team of 22 people. This is my third team in 4 years. I am my team's 4th manager in 3 years. This a head-spinning pace of change due to multiple the re-orgs. One of my new direct reports told me in confidence that the team regards managers like moving targets in a shooting gallery arcade game, "You wait a little while and they'll just move right through."


It's no wonder I'm having such a hard time getting traction for changes and improvements. They regard me, as transient, something that will pass through. No one is willing to commit. I


could use an assist from the senior leadership to help me motivate the team and provide some assurances. People need to understand what the long game is; where the company is going. All we're doing now is reacting.

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