The People Project with Katrine

Interview with Katrine Levin, UK & Italy

Hi Katrine, what is your one superpower?

The knowledge that you can do anything anywhere.

You must have a pretty broad comfort zone to be at ease anywhere.

Not exactly. It's a regular size comfort zone. I spent a lot of time in it. I was an IP attorney for 15 years, which involves sitting behind a desk and solving logical puzzles for the most part. This was definitely in my comfort zone because I'm an introvert. When I left law and launched an art gallery, my comfort zone took some significant blows.

How does an introvert go into the business of Exhibitions?

experiencing my own discomfort was no reason to stop

When I first started, I was overwhelmed because I was doing things that didn't come naturally to me, which is gathering and interacting with large groups of people. I was quite stressed, and the pressure even took at toll on my body. But the work was fascinating to me. So different than what I was doing with law. And experiencing my own discomfort was no reason to stop.

Did your family know that your new career was affecting you this way?

this practice took me to a whole new level

This situation pushed me to find coping solutions. But it was my mother who literally put some books in front of me, which led me to meditate. As I started meditating I felt much better about what I was doing, stressing less about things. To be honest, this practice took me to a whole new level, not only work-wise, but personally, too. The way I relate to the world and my general level of happiness improved.