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Change Stories
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HR Director
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Diverse People Smiling Happiness Cheerfu
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Graphic Designer

Everyone has a change story. Click on each pic.

We help people transform their companies and thrive in a changing world.

Working together we implement change, build discipline & adaptive capability, creating a Change Ethic that becomes your engine to sustain growth,

 Scale, Pivot, Innovate & Execute.



Change & Transformation: Mapping & Execution

  • Change in organizational strategy & execution. See Methodology  

  • Implementing technology solutions

  • Growth and scaling operations & services

  • Building Operational Discipline

Large-scale change needs an agile and disciplined execution.


Scale & Sustainability: Organizational Due Diligence

Change & growth are stress tests.  Shore up your Org. fundamentals.

  • Org Rx: Due diligence fo early-to-late-stage ventures

  • Operational Readiness

  • Leadership & Team diagnostics

  • Agile & change maturity


Culture & Capability: Leadership & People Practices

To transform, change capability & resiliency must permeate all levels.

  • Activating change across the organization.

  • Wiring Leadership Agility Second Nature Workshops

  • People strategy for growth

  • Behavior/culture shifts



Though I brought in Victoria as my strategic partner for a large-scale Operating Model change initiative, she stretched and skilled my teams with the knowledge and tools they needed, strengthening our internal capability... What's special about Victoria is that she truly cares for people and the business.


  Lily Benjamin, SVP, Leadership Development & Organizational Design

From our Clients... 




Technological advances, decreased barriers to entry, disruption of the drug discovery, development and distribution processes are just some of the changes affecting operations and structures of large pharmaceuticals. 


Nimble biotech firms trigger both scientific and business model changes in the industry; and innovation must transcend the walls of R&D and take root in the broader organization.

Culture of ethics and excellence is vital in the highly transparent, regulated world. The challenge is achieving it in an increasingly disrupted and  distributed operating environment.

"We cannot solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them.” 

Albert Einstein

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